Platitudes: poetry

by Terry Godbey 

Everything’s going to be fine.  How could you possibly know that? Now you can
have the breasts you’ve always wanted. I wanted the breasts I had. Welcome to the
sisterhood.  My sister is across town, without cancer. God never gives us more than
we can handle. Then why have 1,300 people leapt to their deaths from the Golden Gate 
Bridge? Try not to think about it so much. I’ll try not to slap you for saying that. You
look great. You look like a terrible liar. If you had to get cancer, breast cancer is a
good one to have. Okay, it’s time to start slapping. Embrace your illness. Embrace 
your assholeiness. There’s an angel sitting on your shoulder. So that’s why it aches. 
thought it was from my chemo port.

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