Thanks for your interest in submitting to Dogwood.  You are invited to submit to Dogwood’s annual contest, which awards $1,000 each for the best essay, story, and poem submitted during the reading period.  Finalists are chosen by the editorial staff and accepted for publication; winners are then chosen from the finalist pool by a guest judge.  All steps of the consideration process are anonymous.  If you are not interested in entering the contest but would like your work considered by Dogwood, please see the “non-contest submissions” below.

Important: Simultaneous submissions are fine; if a work is taken by a journal, just let us know. If you want to withdrawn a piece, please do so in Submittable. We are an annual teaching journal with labor provided by undergraduates, so we are slower than journals with full-time staff. We judge work in two stages, first with acceptances and then with prize money for the top in each genre. If you are entering only because you hope to win the prize, we understand–but this contest may not be for you. We’ve had instances recently of work we accepted being pulled after acceptance not because it was accepted by another journal but because the author hopes to publish somewhere else. We would like to respectfully ask you to submit to Dogwood ONLY if you actually want to be published in the journal and if you would be happy with an acceptance.

The annual reading period for Dogwood is  July 1-September 5. During this period, we accept contest submissions through our online submission manager run by Submittable and non-contest submissions (for free) by mail. Writers who are incarcerated may enter the contest by mail, and submission fees are waived.

Please note: all of our submissions are considered anonymously; if your name remains on the manuscript, you’ll get a note from us saying we can’t consider your work until it is rendered anonymous (see contest guidelines for assistance with that). In addition, please don’t submit if you happen to be a current or former student of the editor.

To Submit:  use the button below to enter your work through Submittable.


When you click on the link, you will be taken to an online database run by Submittable where you can upload your submission along with a very short cover letter. You should receive an automatically generated email to acknowledge that your submission has been loaded into the system. You can then sign into Submittable at any point to see the status of your submission. It might not say “in process” for a few weeks because we have not yet assigned it to an editor. A recent change to Submittable causes a piece to be classified as “New” or “Unread” even if several staff members have looked at it, so our advice is to email us if you have any questions.

**Submittable may not be accessible for all screen readers, so if the site is difficult for you to use, we accept direct submissions via email. Please follow the guidelines listed below and email your submission to Please mention the issue of accessibility in your cover letter. Thank you! **

We try to get back to you within 4 months of our contest deadline of Sept. 5, which is when we begin reading. If you have waited 4 months after Sept. 5 and have not heard from us, feel free to give us a nudge via email and we will be happy to give you an update.

Contest Submission Guidelines

Fiction and Nonfiction Submission Guidelines

  • Submit fiction or nonfiction up to 22 pages using this online submission manager.
  • Please title your submission with the title of your piece.
  • Please double space and use 12-point font.
  • Include a brief bio with contact information in the cover letter field on the submission manager, but no name should appear on the mss.
  • Simultaneous submissions allowed if Dogwood is notified of acceptance elsewhere.
  • Previously published work is not eligible.

Poetry Submission Guidelines

  • Submit one, two, or three poems (max ten pages)
  • Please include all poems in one document.
  • Please single space and use 12-point font.
  • In the submission manager, please include the titles of all poems in your submission title (rather than “Three Poems”).
  • Include a brief bio with contact information in the cover letter field on the submission manager, but no name should appear on the mss.
  • Simultaneous submissions allowed if Dogwood is notified of acceptance elsewhere.
  • Previously published work is not eligible.

Deadline: September 5, 2023

Work not meeting the above guidelines will not be considered for publication. All contest entries meeting these requirements will be considered for publication in Spring 2022 Issue of Dogwood along with selected non-contest submissions. For more information, please email shuber (at) Current and former employees and students of Fairfield University are ineligible for publication. All work considered anonymously.

Non-Contest Submissions

Please follow the guidelines listed above and mail your submission to Sonya Huber / Dogwood / Department of English / Fairfield University / 1073 N. Benson Road / Fairfield, CT 06824

5 thoughts on “Submit

  1. Can you submit more than one short story?
    Can 3 short stories be 1 submission if they equal less than 22 pages total?
    Or do you have to submit the stories separately, with a $10 fee for each one?

    1. cdavis13fairfield August 18, 2017 — 12:53 pm

      Hi Laura,
      You can submit more than one short story so long as they are under the 22 page total; you may also submit as many submissions of 22 pages as you would like, paying a $10 fee for each 22 page submission.

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