Volume 7: 2007

Volume 7, Spring 2007

In this volume of Dogwood: Journal of Poetry and Prose, we are taken from 1941 New York to war-torn Iraq to a small American hospital with a recently emigrated doctor to everywhere in between. The paintings provided by Holly Trostle Brigham are vivid and lush, telling the tales of famous literary women in a way never seen before. The authors and poets whose works reside within are more than worthy of the many accolades and awards they have been given throughout the years, and we wish them all the best in their continued literary endeavors.


Michael C. White

Kim Bridgford

Contest Judges

 Marilyn Nelson

Josip Novakovich

2007 Dogwood Award Winners


1st Prize: “Washington Square – New York, 1941” by Molly Fisk


1st Prize: “Tsunami Relief” by Shelia M. Schwartz



“Washington Square—New York, 1941” by Molly Fisk

“Flaws and August at the Lake” and “Edgewise” by Elton Glaser

“Vows” by Nancy Burke

“E-Mail from a Secret Location in Iraq: Re: The Puppies” by Frances Richey

“The Phantom Hitcher” by William Orem

“Cat in a Hurricane” and “Swimming Naked with the Quakers” by Peter Schmitt

“St. Helens” by Gavin Adair

“Professional Widow” by Allison Joseph

“Old Movies” by Gwen Reiss

“Centaurs” by Stuart Bartow

“Coming Home” by Jill M. Neziri

“Someone Else’s Life” by Susan Rothbard

“Childhood” by Julie Marie Wade

“Poison” by Charlie Clark

“Curiosity” by Frances Schenkkan

“One Calling in the Desert” and “In the Middle of a Long Illness” by Susanna Childress

“Silas and Mulberries 1917” by Sean Hill

“More Than a Rhythm Section” by Lynne Thompson

“Credo” and “The Next Day” by Frederick Lord

“Vacation Bible School” by John Meredith Hill

“Edited Version” by Penny Dyer

“Landrover” by Leonard Kress

“Under Glass” by Terry Godbey

“Pulling Jesus from the River” by Beverly Monestier

“Thirty Miles West of Chicago” by Lyn Lifshin

“This Clear” by Amy C. Billione

“How Pigeon Got Her Name” by Renee Olander

“Whale Caught in Fishing Gear” by Jacqueline Lapidus

“Gathering Flowers in a French Garden” by Ann E. Michael

“Swing” by Arthur Brown


“Tsunami Relief” by Shelia M. Schwartz

“The Wide Ends of Almonds” by Christiana Langenberg

“What She Kept” by Belinda G. Vicars

“Vacationing” by Candace Nadon

“Complete Strangers” by Paula McMahon



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