2017 Dogwood Literary Prize Finalists Announced

The editors of Dogwood are happy to announce the finalists they have chosen for the 2017 Dogwood Literary Prizes. The winners, chosen by Sarah Einstein (nonfiction), Karen Osborn (fiction), and Michele Glazer (poetry), will be announced in a few short weeks, so stay tuned for that. All finalists and winners will be published in Dogwood 16, due out in early summer; we congrate all our authors and look forward to seeing them in print soon.

Finalists in nonfiction:

“Brother of Eagle,” by Tyler Dunning

“Pitch, Roll, Yaw, ” by Jen Fawkes

“Guilt, A Love Story,” by Natasha Sajé

Finalists in fiction:

“Puppet Theater,” by Jackie Davis Martin

“Salvage,” by J. Stillwell Powers

“A Hole in the Head,” by Michael Rosenbaum

Finalists in poetry:

“Like A Seam,” by Constance Boyle

“Their First Road Trip,” by Joseph Chaney

“After He Leaves,” by Madelyn Garner

“Some Measures,” by Carolyn Hembree

“how do you identify?” and “errors,” by Juli Anna Herndon

“Photograph,” by Devi S. Laskar

“Like Mother,” by Alycia Pirmohamed

“Margaret Corinne, Dunseith, North Dakota, 1932,” by Laura Read

“Elegy for a Demolition Derby Driver” and “The Far Cities,” Mark Wagenaar

“When I Was Alone,” by Leslie Williams


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