What Our Writers Are Up to Now: 2010

Sara Burge, “Geometry”

Sara Burge’s first book, Apocalypse Ranch, won the De Novo award and was published by C&R Press in Fall 2010. Her poems have appeared in The Virginia Quarterly Review, River Styx, MARGIE, Court Green, The Los Angeles Review, and elsewhere. She teaches poetry writing at Missouri State University.

Andrea J. Nolan, “Sister Hercules”

Andrea Nolan published “The Islander” with Flyway and “How To Lead A Sea Kayaking Trip During a Norte” with Alligator Juniper. She is working on completing a collection of connected short stories, and is teaching composition and literature at Old Dominion University.

Craig Bernier, “Bender”

Craig Bernier’s story “Bender” is part of a collection chosen as winner of the 2012 St. Lawrence Book Award by Black Lawrence Press!


Michael Pearce – Leslie Ann Mcilroy – Amanda Auchter – Jillian Ross – Anna Amatuzio – Nancy Nicodemus – Gail Rudd Entrekin – Sarah Busse – Seward Ward – Jean L. Kreiling – Mil Norman-Risch – Michele Leavitt – Paula C. Lowe – Rachel Sherman – Anna Marie Craighead-Kintis – Stuart Bartow – Ned Balbo – Patricia Farewell – Richard Jester – Jude Nutter – Mark Wagenaar – Amy Marcott – Jacob M. Appel – Jeff P. Jones – Mark Hummel


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