Volume 10: 2010

Volume 10, Spring 2010

The 2010 edition of Dogwood is the Ten-Year Anniversary issue. The cover art was created by Elana Herzog, “Untitled #3” was created through a unique medium, cotton chenille bedspread, metal staples, drywall and plywood. This volume is dedicated to Dr. Gita Rajan, a devoted member of the Fairfield University faculty who strongly emphasizes diversity on campus and who has served as a mentor for many Fulbright Scholars.


Peter Duvall

Kim Bridgford


Michael Pearce,“My Father’s Brother”

Michael Pearce, “The Crying Baby”

Michael Pearce, “The Voice”

Leslie Anne Mcilroy, “Slag”

Amanda Auchter,  “The Unwanted Girls”

Amanda Auchter,  “A Late Blooming”

Jillian Ross,  “Ominosity”

Anna Amatuzio, “Pause, Never Race”

Nancy Nicodemus, “Practicing for My Absence”

Gail Rudd Entrekin,  “The Hole in the House”

Sarah Busse, “Desire”

Seward Ward, “Drunker and Drunker”

Jean L. Kreiling,  “Sometime After the Golden Anniversary”

Mil Norman-Risch, “The Age of Birdseed and Binoculars”

Michele Leavitt,  “Shift”

Paula C. Lowe, “this cup”

Rachel Sherman,  “Haircut”

Sara Burge, “Geometry”

Anna Marie Craighead-Kintis, “For My Mother Who Held Them Down”

Stuart Bartow, “Einstein’s Lawn”

Ned Balbo, “Houseguest of an Architect”

Ned Balbo,  “A Toucan in Samambaia”

Ned Balbo, “Elegy for Lota”

Patricia Farewell, “Sapphics for K.J. in McDonald’s”

Richard Jester, “This Letter”

Jude Nutter, “Returning”

Mark Wagenaar, “A Parade of Ghosts”


Michael Pearce, “Gumplowicz of Krakow”

Amy Marcott, “Reverse Psychology”

Jacob M. Appel, “Picklocks in Oblivion”

Craig Bernier, “Bender”

Jeff P. Jones, “The Runciter Project”

Mark Hummel, “In the Grip of Rust”

Andrea J. Nolan, “Sister Hercules”

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