Volume 9: 2009

Volume 9, Spring 2009

Dogwood 2009 is dedicated to Russell L. Goings, Jr–professional football player, founder of Essence magazine, founder of the Studio Museum of Harlem, and a great friend of Fairfield University. This issue contains poetry inspired by the latent wonder of seemingly mundane life, the gravity of memories, and the emotions squeezed out of cultural and racial strife. The fiction published herein ranges from an eclectic tale about the meaning malfeasance renders to an old man’s life to a story that follows a family as they meditate on the life path that one of their beloved has chosen to follow.  The artist featured is Robert Morris.


Kim Bridgford

Pete Duval

Contest Judges

Dick Allen

Ron Rash


First Prize Award:

Peter Serchuk, “The Handbook of Itches”

Barbara Saunier, “Asylum”

Julie L. Moore, “Harnessing Infinity”

Julie L. Moore, “Ancient Ritual”

Carol Willette Bachofner, “Asleep Then, Despite Color”

Terry Godbey, “Daughters of China”

Mark Wagenaar, “The Balletomane”

Shannon Amidon, “Three Rooftops”

Bruce Bennett, “How I Stand”

Myrna Stone, “Excerpts from The Casanova Chronicles

Connie Post, “Vessel on a winter night”

Susan Kinsolving, “On Spindrift Drive One Night”

Kate Light, “I Cannot Help It.  The Modern Age”

Brett Foster, “The Young Lover Beholds the Unlovable Animal”

Naomi Fast, “The Orange Cat”

Judith H. Montgomery, “Sorrow Like an Orange”

Judith H. Montgomery, “Evacuation”

Anna Ross, “Fuse”

Jillian Ross, “Stall Tactics”

Jillian Ross, “The Intake”

Sarah Busse, “The Chinese Acrobat”

Jonathan Harris, “Last Request”

Kelleen Zubick, “Reliquary”

Dan Crockett, “Owls”

William Snyder Jr., “My Father, Beside Himself”

Andrew Sofer, “Mea Shearim”

Maxine Susman, “Dr. Annaliese G. in New York”

Maxine Susaman, “Ospedale degli Innocenti”

Madelyn Garner, “Portrait with Scalpel and Microscope”

Madelyn Garner, “How He Came To Treasure Her”

Madelyn Garner, “Cerebral Vascular Accident”

Deborah Warren, “Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars”


First Prize Award:

Paula McMahon,”The Man Who Stole the Mail”

Victor Rangel-Ribeiro, “Wooing Mr. Ram”

Carol J. Clouse, “Digging with Farrah”

Paul Byall, “Henry Remembers”

Susan Meyers, “The Calling”

Laurie Ann Doyle, “Voices”

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