Volume 8: 2008

Volume 8, Spring 2008

Dogwood 2008 is an issue whose content presents a varied, involved experience of the human condition, and how it is expressed in writing.  Poetry ranges from dealing with birth to budding autumn romance to the awkwardness of bodily functions that operate without regard to societal morays.  The fiction offers glimpses into the triumphs and tribulations of marriage, death, prejudice, and loss.  These pieces  are framed by the artwork of Jean Shin, who vivifies social consciousness in sculptures and paintings. Michaeal O’Siadhail served as judge for the Poetry Contest, and Abby Frucht did the same for the Fiction Contest. This issue is dedicated to Dr. Mariann Regan.


Michael C White

Kim Bridgford

Contest Judges

Michael O’Siadhail

Abby Frucht


First Award Winner:

Claire Zoghb, “Apples”

“Arranged Marriage,” Melody S. Gee

Jody Rambo, “Writings to the Unborn”

Jody Rambo, “Upon the Third Exhumation of the Body of Teresa of Avila”

Patricia Hale, “Secrets”

Michael Hettich, “Box of Silence”

Michael Hettich, “The Equation”

Judith H. Montgomery, “Gassed”

“I Meant What I Said,” Leonard Kress

Elton Glaser, “At the casino with Justice”

Martin Galvin, “Sounds of an Afternoon”

Arthur Brown, “On Leash”

Don Kimball, “The Poet’s Worst Nightmare”

Bruce Bennet, “Elusive”

Jeannine Dobbs, “I Dream I’m Back in the Basement”

Fred Yannantuono, “Ivy”

Maryann Corbett, “Ruin, I-35W”

Maryann Corbett, “Equinoctial”

Chelsea Bunn, “Somewhere on the Way to Connecticut”

Renny Golden, “Six Plum Trees”

Caroline Goodwin, “Inventory”

Michele Newcome, “Fixit Man”

P.S. Page, “Notes on a Natural Disaster”

Molly S. Mellinger, “Canto, for Sam”

Molly S. Mellinger, “Dziadek”

M. B. Powell, “Split Couples on the Same”

W. K. Buckley, “Daughter Makes Hay”

C.E. Perry, “What Miss Plath Didn’t Tell the Doctor”

Charles Rafferty, “Appetities”

Rachel C. Eisler, “Garlic Venus”

Julie Marie Wade, “Love Poem for Sisyphus”

Rebecca Foust, “A Kilogram of Salt”

Rebecca Foust, “Neap Tide Wane”

Jean L. Kreiling, “Clean Linen”

Niamh Corcoran, “Banagher Triptych”

Allison Smythe, “Walk”


First Prize Award:

Catherine Brown, “Riceville, Summer, 1976”

Catherine Brown, “Riceville, Summer, 1976”

Emily Danforth, “Too hot for Shenanigans”

S. Frederic Liss, “Still Life”

James Reed, “Priceless Good Will”

Donna Ford, “Cold”

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