Volume 5: 2005

Volume 5, Spring 2005

This issue of Dogwood is dedicated to Professor Janet Krauss in honor of her devotion to poetry and the Fairfield University community.  We offer warm congratulations on her book of poetry, “Borrowed Scenery.” The cover art is by Suzanne Chamlin, a Professor at fairfield University.


Michael C. White

Kim Bridgford

Contest Judges

Mark Jarman

Nicholas Rinaldi

2005 Dogwood Award Winners


1st Prize: “FindAnyone.com” by Martha Greenwald


1st Prize: “A Hand of Rain” by Amy Eleanor Parker

Table of Contents


“FindAnyone.com” by Martha Greenwald

Night Rising” by Carol Gilbertson

“Harmonium” by Keinard Kress

“Cabbageworm” and “The Bargain” by Gabriel Spera

“Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico, 1941” by Lyn Lifshin

“In late summer the sea comes to the city” by J.C. Todd

In the Land of Emperors” by Maria Terrone

“Kings of the Lilies” and For No Man Would Say He Did a Favor to the Fountain by Drinking, or to the Light by Seeing” by Max Garland

“beauty” by Rande Mack

“Prayer to a Drowsy God” and “On or about the Feast of Saint Absentia” by Elton Glaser

“Black Frost” by Rebecca Dunham

“Where Was He When He Stood in the Middle of the Room” by MaryAnn Franta Moenck

“A Cremation” by J.D. Smith

Diane Arbus Prowls Our Street” by Eugene Gloria

“Early Childhood” by Deborah DeNicola

The Gemini Jings” by  Sandra Beasley

“Ash Wednesday” by Caki Wilkinson

“Metamorphosis Among the Vegetables” by Elinor Benedict

“Anomalies Happen” by Ria Bowles

“Sacrament” by Michelle Bitting

“Lake Galena” by David Mook

Annunciation” by T. John Estes

Cosmography” by Marilyn Annucci

“The Fellowship of the Living Dead” by David C. Meyer

“Dust” by Chad Woody

“I Died for Classic– but was scarce ” by Luann Landon

How I Love You” by Bruce Bennet

“Flume Ride” by Midge C. Goldberg

Margaret J. Hoehn, “The Language of Rain” and “Season of Apples” by Margaret J. Hoehn


“A Hand of Rain” by Amy Eleanor Parker

“Helen of Troy” by Patricia O’Donnell

“Lovers in a Damp Climate” by Eric Gabriel Lehman

“Who is The Hardware” by Marianne Taylor

“The World’s Strongest Man” by Rick Halpern

“Thing Could Go Either Way” by Susi Klare



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