Volume 4: 2004

Volume 4, Spring 2004

The cover art of this year’s edition were photographs by Judith Taylor. On the front cover was, “october 10” (diary page of a twelve-year-old girl), and “journal page (1)”, both from can i trust you? (a series of photographs spanning from 1999-2007 depicting the journal pages of adolescent girls).

Contest Judges

Joan Conner

A.E. Stallings

2004 Dogwood Award Winners


1st Prize: “Promenade” by Joshua Mehigan


1st Prize: “The Reich Photographer’s Tale” by John B. Kachuba


Michael C. White

Kim Bridgford



“Promenade” and “The Umbrella Man” by Joshua Mehigan

“Two Autumns” by Sylvia Forges Ryan

“The Dead Keep a Vigil” by Faith Vicinanza

“Mary Dyer’s Courtship” by Helen Marie Casey

“Sexy Jane Meets Her Match and Becomes One with the Poet” by Bruce Bennett

“Becoming a Regular” by Jeff Walt (Honorable Mention)

“Academia” by H.E. Wright

“Attrition” by Paula Gannon

“Overlap” by Donald Zaremba

“Home for Old Gods” by Elton Glaser

“Happy Family” by Harriet Brown

“Rain” by Cynthia Roth (Honorable Mention)

“After the Storm” by Andrew Sofer

“A Farewell: For My Brother” by Sallie Bingham

“St. Anthony and My Father’s Glasses” by Peter Schmitt

“Jayne with a Y” by Allison Joseph

“The Wind-Up, the Delivery” by John Meredith Hill

“Spider” by Andrew Gottlieb

“Discretion, Interview: Eurydice” by Judith H. Montgomery

“Ridding the Kitchen of Fruit Flies” by Carolyn Moore

“A Hymn to the Golden Call” by Kate Newlin

“Electrical Storm” by Margaret J. Hoehn

“Jimmy Flew” by Jack McFadden

“A Case for the Hubble Space Telescope, Birthday Poem” by Erin Murphy

“Visiting Jane Kenyon’s Grave” by Eric McHenry

“Bay Window” by Lynn Tudor Deming

“The General” by Sandra Beasley

“The Fish” by Midge C. Goldberg

“You Are Going to Ask: And Where are the Lilacs?” by Martin Steingesser

Summer Fireworks Near Sumida River” by Yu Shibuya


“The Reich Photographer’s Tale” by John B. Kachuba

“Feather Their Wings” by Zoe Keithley

“Aubade” by Wendy Reed Bruce

“Pregnant Lady, What Are You Fighting For?” by Jennifer Acker

“The Walls of Troy” by Robert Epstein



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