Volume 3: 2003

Volume 3, Spring 2003

Dogwood: A Journal of Poetry & Prose Spring 2003 issue is filled with beautiful and talented works of writing. Many of our authors have received recognition for their published works in multiple highly renowned literary magazines. We are proud to announce the first prize winners for poetry and fiction are Marilyn L. Taylor for her poem “Notes from the Good-Girl Chronicles, 1963,” and Nalini Jones for her fiction piece, “This Is Your Home Also.” The cover artwork of our 2003 issue is created by Jane Sutherland, who taught painting at Fairfield University for 28 years. Her works have been exhibited and gained widespread recognition for her landscape and nature paintings.

Contest Judges

Jay Parini
A. Manette Ansay

2003 Dogwood Award Winners


1st Prize: “Notes from the Good-Girl Chronicles, 1963” by Marilyn L. Taylor


1st Prize: “This is Your Home Also” by Nalini Jones



Michael C. White

Kim Bridgeford



“Notes from The Good-Girl Chronicles, 1963” by Marilyn L. Taylor

“From Here” by Constance Campana

“Death of a Heron” and “On Certain Nights” by Jack Ridl

“You Don’t Believe That Dromedaries Keep Moonlight in Their Humps?” by Susan Terris

“Century of Ideas” by J.D. Smith

“Kingdom Come” by Patti White

“Ode to Im- and In- and Ir-“ and “Hope” by Kip Irwin

“The Moths” by Jan Bailey

“Every House Has a Window Like This” by Darcy Shargo

“The Tenth Muse” by Ed Frankel

“Foreshadowing” by Nate Pritts

“Love Poem in the Parking Lot of St. Francis of Assisi” by Susan Thomas

“Only in Stillness” by Raynette Eitel

“Sick Kids” by Michelle Bitting

“My Daughter Who Was Once Eleven” by Penelope Scambly Schott

“The Chosen” and “The Hospice Volunteer is Interviewed” and “Violation by Marilee Richards

“You Came Skating” by Veronica Patterson

“Proscenium” and “At the Edge of Autumn” by Norman Hane

“Jeanne, After the Battle is Won” by Helen Marie Casey

“Water, After the Battle Is Won” by Charles Atkinson

“A Collection of Items” by Ann Hutt Browning

“Everything I Have Refused” by Lollie Butler

“Distance” by Lydia Melvin

“Whale Watching, Carmel Bay, January” by Anthony Russell White

“Apologia to the Opossums (IV)” by Jeffrey Franklin


“This is Your Home Also” by Nalini Jones

“Lydia” by Bruce Pratt

“A Memorial for Hammerhead” by Richard Weems

“Salesgirl: 1916” by Annie Dawid



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