Volume 2: 2002

Volume 2, Spring 2002

The Dogwood Spring 2002 issue is one of our past issues with many successful and acclaimed writers and poets. The artwork in this issue compliments the many topics explored throughout the 2002 issue.


Michael C. White

Kim Bridgford

Contest Judges

Dana Gioia

Elizabeth McCracken

2002 Dogwood Award Winners


1st Prize:  “Ottava Rima: Lear” by Cecilia Woloch


1st Prize: “Transmission” by Morgan McDermott



“Ottava Rima: Lear” and “My Mother’s Pillow” and “Nocturne”  by Cecilia Woloch

“Mrs. Chung and Plastic Jesus” and “Valerian” by Ryan G. Van Cleave

“Butterfly” and “Songs for the End of Spiritual Winter” by Susan Kelly-DeWitt

“Breaking Ice” by Susan Thomas

“White Woman Dreaming” by Judy Rowley

“Ginkgo Leaf” by Barbara Wuest

“Flannery at Lourdes” and “Carson at Sixteen” by William Miller

“Battlefields” by Ginny Mackenzie

“Dancing with Sasquatch” by Lucy Aron

“Two-Step” by Judith H. Montgomery

“Measure” by Sarah Kennedy

“Terminal Concert” by John Drexel

“Two Departures” and “Lives of the Sleepers” by Ned Balbo

Isolde Thinks of Tristan and His Wife” and “Tristan’s Wife Thinks of Isolde” by Margaret Lloyd

“Calypso, Later” by Lynne Burris Butler

“The Golden Beetle of Costa Rica” by Vanessa Haley

“Houses by the Railroad Tracks” by Eric Trethewey

“Young Farmer Watches the Night Sky” by Matthew J. Spireng

“How Things Change” by Charles Atkinson

“For Dinah Washington” and “Philologist” by Allison Joseph

“Zeus Music” by James Hart

“On the Turning Away” by Salita Bryant

“Chief Hatuey Rises from the Flames” and “Gossamer Cosmos” by Virgil Suarez


“Transmission” by Morgan McDermott

“To Dance with the Dead” by Gina Ochsner

“2nd Balcony Jump” by Julia Fierro

“Moti” by Sikha Sinha

“And Counting” by Mary Wallace

“Shadow Flaw” by Mary Millian Klunk


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