Poetry from our back issues…



Lead Guitarist Contemplates the Perfect Moment While Listening to Remain in Light, Side 2, After Six Weeks Abroad by Harold Whit Williams



Playing Scrabble with Steve and Crystal by Maya Jewell Zeller

Platitudes by Terry Godbey



Daughters of China by Terry Godbey



Apples by Claire Zoghb

At the Casino with Justice by Elton Glaser

Box of Silence and The Equation by Michael Hettich

Sounds of an Afternoon by Martin Galvin

Writings to the Unborn by Jody Rambo



Under Glass by Terry Godbey



Annunciation by John Estes

Cosmography by Marilyn Annucci

Diane Arbus Prowls Our Street by Eugene Gloria

How I Love You by Bruce Bennett

In the Land of Emperors by Maria Terrone

Night Rising by Carol Gilbertson

The Gemini Jings by Sandra Beasley



Isolde Thinks of Tristan and his Wife and Tristan’s Wife Thinks of Isolde by Margaret Lloyd



Braiding and Witch by Katharyn Machan

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