What do we like?

We want to like your writing, plain and simple. We find ourselves drawn to writing rich in detail, peopled with characters that move like living things, taking place in rooms and towns that smell and taste as real as the places we might have been. We like writing that evokes emotion and response, that makes something in us shiver and say, “I’ve been there,” even if that “there” is a lonely Wednesday on the Moon.

We have published experimental and fragmented nonfiction, poetry without line breaks, and stories that tended to comment on themselves. We have published form poetry and formal short stories. We are open to what you do with words and sentences as long as they feel like your own.

We want to hear the authority in your voice, even if you’re asking questions you don’t know the answers to.

What are we for?

We are in flux, like any identity. We love our literary friends, and we believe in the literary community–in building a small piece of the artistic community. At the same time, right now, we’re experimenting with not knowing whether we’re publishing our friends. That might be shooting ourselves in the foot, who knows. But under the ne’er-do-well guidance of our current editor, we are thinking about just taking what comes in through Submittable, with every single submission anonymous and no solicited submissions. We are interested in publishing new friends–and also in laughing when we select an old friend as well. We think maybe we’re against literary chumminess because that can seem quite impenetrable to the literary outsider. We’ll see how this evolves.

2 thoughts on “Mission

  1. Dear Dogwood:

    I hope that you do decide, decisively, to take only non-solicited, anonymous submissions. This would be a rare opportunity to try a true meritocracy. There are so many wonderful unknown or unestablished writers. You will have a flood of submissions, probably, but you have your MFA students there at Fairfield to help with the “bucket work” of reading.

    I think you’ve got a great idea, and I hope you go forward with it.

    Daniel Casey

  2. What a truly enchanting idea, and so rare in the publishing world. Thank you for going where few magazines have gone before!

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