Masthead 2012

Dogwood Associate Editors 2012 (L-R): Michele Noviello, Tara Brennan, Jen Sheils, Annemarie Viera, Melanie Cannon, Keane Ryan, Caleigh Tansey, Christian Sauer, and Patrick McGee

Sonya Huber

Associate Editors, 2011-2012

Tara Brennan
Keane Ryan
Melanie Cannon
Patrick McGee
Michele Noviello
Christian Sauer
Jennifer Sheils
Caleigh Tansey
Annemarie Veira

Assistant Editors, 2011-2012
Danielle Anctil
Eric Bernsen
Emily Kert
Elizabeth Koubek
Jennifer Lance
Loan Le
Mary Kate McCormick
Michele Noviello
Martin O’Sullivan
Kaitlin Pearse
Christian Sauer
Jennifer Sheils
Gabriella Tutino
Annemarie Veira

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