Dogwood Literary Prize Goes Live with Double the Prize Money!

That’s right–we’ve taken the plunge!  This year for the first time, Dogwood will offer three prizes of $1,000 each for the best poem, essay, and story that come our way during the prize period (July 1 – September 5).  Rather than choosing among the genre winners a grand winner, all three winners in genre will receive $1,000, effectively doubling the prize money available to writers.  As always, all finalists will be published as well.  Consider entering the Dogwood Literary Prizes when they go live at midnight tonight, and spread the word about this wonderful news that Dogwood is investing even more in the publishing and promotion of emerging writers through this prize increase.  Submit your work here.  As always, entries will be judged anonymously by guest judges, and entry is $10, for which entrants receive an electronic copy of the issue when it is published.

Also, stay tuned:  in coming weeks we will feature work from the writers of the recently published Dogwood issue 17, of which we are very proud.  It’s hot off the presses.



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