Great review from New Pages!

Sherra Wong of New Pages gave Dogwood’s 2014 issue a glowing review.

This issue of Dogwood serves up a generous helping of surprising and original reading…A variety of styles is represented, some more experimental than others, but I never feel lost, either literally or emotionally, or feel that the writers draw too much attention to themselves at the expense of the writing.

She mentions several stand-outs, including Ester Bloom:

The standout, though, is first prize award in nonfiction “One Way to Shut Her Up.” Ester Bloom recounts her time at a horrific job at the Very Important Talent Agency (VITA) with great wit and an exceptional control of rhythm. And there is sensitivity, too, under the wry humor: jerks are shown in their kind moments, jaded colleagues recover their empathy…. It is expertly handled and completely believable, and I am willing to be taken along for the very enjoyable ride.

Also mentioned are Shann Ray and Michael Berger’s poems, Molly Rogers’ essay, and a story by Randi Miller, along with “A Proper Hunger” by Mark Polanzak:

“A Proper Hunger” is great fun, taking the farm-to-table, locavore movements to their logical extremes. First comes the “Animal Farm” restaurant, where patrons select the animal to be killed from a barn next to the restaurant; then they pay for the privilege of hunting and killing it themselves; and finally the entire experience is made “pure” and “civilized” again. While the slightly mocking, slightly journalistic tone reminds us that this is not real life, the almost-familiar language used to describe each restaurant reminds us that they are not so far from real life. Wasn’t it yesterday that I heard about lab-grown meat on the news?

And for the closing:

It’s always a pleasure when a journal I’m not familiar with delights and delivers.Dogwood is one such journal. Its editors have an eye for fresh writing, and I look forward to even better things to come from both Dogwood and the writers in this issue.

Read the full review text here!

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