New Back Issue Content Available!

Dogwood is happy to announce that we have begun the process of adding more online back issue content for our readers to enjoy! Content for both Volume #5 (2005) and Volume #8 (2008) is now available on our site, and will be continually updated in the coming weeks. Links to specific pieces that are now available are as follows.


Sandra Beasley, 2005. “The Gemini Jings”

Bruce Bennett, 2005. “How I love You”

John Estes, 2005. “Annunciation”

Eugene Gloria, 2005. “Diane Arbus Prowls our Street”

Michael Hettich, 2008. “The Equation”

Jody Rambo, 2008. “Writings to the Unborn”

Claire Zoghb, 2008. “Apples”


Marilyn Annucci, 2005. “Cosmography”

James Reed, 2008. “Priceless Good Will”

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