Litmags our Assistant Editors Love

Adventum Magazine stands out for its innovation concerning its content in relation to aesthetics. Throughout my search, focusing on photography, this is the only magazine that I found which incorporated a photo essay. Although visuals often accompany all forms of writing, you often need to read the whole of the essay to find the sentence that it is in relation to in order to understand it. Adventum, however, told its story almost strictly through photos. Adventum used innovation to tell the story purely through pictures.
– Shawna Clark
Palooka: A Magazine of Underdog Excellence is notable for its off-beat and out-of-the-mainstream style. Its goal is to bring artists who are flying under the radar into the public eye. I liked that the magazine included all different kinds of media–pieces of artwork, writing, even videos and audio. While I think the website itself leaves a little to be desired, the actual magazine seems beautiful and put together, consisting of a wide variety of different and interesting works.
– Kelsey Guerin
The Adroit Journal: A literary magazine run entirely by high school and college students. This magazine is aimed for Young Adult readers and all proceeds go to Acumen Fund, a charity which works to microfinance emerging and new technologies in important areas of the world in order to solve the world’s largest problems of sustainability, poverty, malnutrition, etc… Not only is the website beautiful, the mission of the magazine is unique and benefits those in need. The most interesting part is that everything about the magazine is under the control of high school and college students. As a college literary magazine co-editor, this magazine gives me confidence that our magazine can exceed all possibilites of creativity where age is not setback.
– Kelly Pierce
Burner Magazine is a “digital pop art magazine” that is “compelling and never complacent.” Targeted at a young, vibrant, innovative audience, the magazine is filled with interesting content that is just as intriguing as it is confusing.  Topics are innovative, plots are mind-bending and most endings leave you either a little confused or completely blown away.  Burner also features beautiful, thought-provoking pop art and photo essays. These visual art components make the viewer laugh out loud at first sight and inspire questions upon second glance. Burner Magazine does not pretend to be ordinary and in fact, rejoices in its irregularities.
~Grace Tiezzi
The Fiddleback is a truly engaging and unique online literary magazine that emphasizes its beliefs in “cross-pollination” and the “mixing of artistic disciplines to attract a diverse readership.” Through the humor and approachability of its staff as well as its dedication to exposing readers to unknown but incredible talent, The Fiddleback displays art, music and literature that delivers what the Fiddleback Spider mascot for this online literary journal promises—material with a serious bite. 
-Jacklyn Brown

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