Fall contest is open… and more

We just launched the Fall 2012 contest (all the details here), with results to be announced in Spring 2013 and to appear in Vol. 12 of Dogwood. This year we have increased our contest Grand Prize to $1000, and we are now accepting entries in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry via our online submission system run through Submittable. We have a fantastic roster of judges, too: Adrian Matejka, Roxane Gay, and Adriana Paramo. Be sure to enter before the deadline of October 15!

A note on the contest: I first publicized the call for entries with an option to submit to Dogwood as a non-contest entry via email directly to the journal. I have since found that these entries are difficult to track for our editors. In addition, they have the significant downside of not being anonymous, so we have switched everything over to the Submittable page. I apologize for the inconsistency. (In year two, everything will be streamlined like Star Trek… unless I continue changing my mind.)

We’re also attempting to streamline our contact with writers and readers, so we have designed a newsletter sign-up form; please feel free to subscribe and to opt-out at any point.

This fall, I and the editors will be working on getting more back-issue content up on the web site as well as other plans. Let me know if you have any thoughts or suggestions: dogwoodliterary (at) gmail.com. Thanks for reading!


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