What Our Writers Are Up to Now: 2009

Julie L. Moore, “Harnessing Infinity” & “Ancient Ritual”

Julie L. Moore is the author of Slipping Out of Bloom, her first full-length book of poetry, which was published by WordTech Editions in June 2010. Her poetry has also been published in several anthologies, including Becoming: Anthology of Women’s Stories, and Mamas and Papas from City Works Press.

Connie Post, “Vessel on a a winter night”

Connie Post has earned over 100 awards in poetry. As of August 2009, Connie was appointed the Host of the Valona Deli Second Sunday Poetry Series.

Andrew Sofer, “Mea Shearim”

After Andrew Sofer’s poem “Mea Shearim” appeared in Dogwood, it also appeared in his poetry book Wave (Charlotte: Main Street Rag Publishing Company, 2010).


Peter Serchuk – Barbara Saunier – Carol Willette Bachofner – Terry Godbey – Mark Wagenaar – Shannon Amidon – Bruce Bennett – Myrna Stone – Susan Kinsolving – Kate Light – Brett Foster – Naomi Fast – Judith H. Montogmery – Anna Ross – Jillian Ross – Sarah Busse – Jonathan Harris – Kelleen Zubick – Dan Crockett – William Snyder Jr. – Maxine Susman –  Madelyn Garner – Deborah Warren – Paula McMahon – Victor Rangel-Ribeiro – Carol J. Clouse – Paul Byall – Susan Meyers – Laurie Ann Doyle


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